Why I write

Why do I write? From the time I learned how to write, I’ve had a passion for it. I have journals upon journals full of different things I’ve written from all stages of my life. I used writing as an outlet, it helped me through bad relationships, loss of loved ones, and even my own struggle with mental health. Writing has alway been a big thing for me, no matter what, I would always find time to write.

But why journalism? If my passion was just for writing why be a journalist? Its a simple answer. Im also very passionate about politics, and I want to be able to get the truth out to people. While I have my own political views, I believe that everyone deserves to be told the truth, even if it directly conflicts my own belief. I have seen many times that not so truthful things where published and I want to be able to spread the truth so citizens know what is actually happening with their government. I want to be able to fight for all sides with facts, even if the facts hurt my side.