GOYAKOD- Get Off Your Ass And Knock On doors. This is important in journalism because the best way to get information is to get up and go get it yourself. The best way to get someone to feel comfortable talking to you is to talk them in person. Instead of using Email or a phone call, you need to talk to them in person to get the best information, a persons more likely to tell the truth and give more information if you’re talking to them in person. In journalism your reputation is one of the most important things you can have. If people know you as the journalist that speaks to people in person and seems to really care, you’ll get farther then you would if you were just a journalist that made a lot of phone calls and sent emails. Even though GOYAKOD has a lot of positives and does a lot of good, you’ll also have to get used to rejection. Not everyone is comfortable talking to the media, and that’s just something that comes with the job. The more you get rejected, the thicker your skin will be, but also the better you’ll be at asking people for an interview.

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