What Is News?

What is news? News can be many different things depending on who you were to ask. If you were to try to define news simply you could say it is factual and important information. But then you have to try to decide what is and isn’t important. If one employ where to steal a small amount of money from their job, it usually wouldn’t make the news. However, if that person worked at a bank, it most likely would make the news. While an employee at a gas station stealing money is important to the people at that gas station, it doesn’t affect as many people as the bank employee stealing does, and that is what makes it newsworthy. 

While the amount of people affected can contribute to news, that’s not the only way for something to be considered news. If a man bites a police dog, that doesn’t affect many people at all, but it can still be considered news simply because of how unusual it is. There are many different ways something can be considered news, and it all really boils down to the reader to decide what they think is news and read the stories presented to them. A journalist could write thousands of stories they find newsworthy, but in the long run that won’t matter if none of the readers find it newsworthy enough to look at. News can be defined in many different ways, so it is up to everyone to decide what they think the real news is and up to journalists to hopefully write the correct stories and tell the people what they want, and need to know.

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