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Heroes During the Pandemic

May 3,2020


By:Destiny Adams 

Aspiring Journalist

JONESBORO, Ark.- When you hear the word hero, you might think of a doctor or police officer, but most people wouldn’t think of a truck stop attendant. 

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, customer service workers all over America are being recognized as heroes as they risk their lives so people can get the things they need. This is especially true for customer service workers who just so happen to be immunocompromised. 

Misty Michelle Adams is a truck stop cashier who also happens to have diabetes, causing her to be immunocompromised. Most of the time her job at a truck stop is unaffected by this. But in a post COVID-19 world, she has grown anxious about working but continues to do so as she believes her job is important to people. “People need gas, and truckers need a place to stop and rest where they can get what they need.” She said. She also stated that she thinks working even though she’s immunocompromised and her co-workers aren’t, is perfectly fair as she doesnt want to cause anyone else to be overworked or exhausted. “I don’t know what I’d do without Misty here,” stated Brandi Baker, Misty’s boss. “She’s such a huge help, and without her not everything would get done.” 

Even if Adams believes that working may be scarier for her than others, she is always there to pick up a shift if someone needs her. “Thanks to Misty I don’t have to feel bad if i get sick and need someone to work, without her I’d have to be working with a stomach bug.” Said Amy Ward, Misty’s co-worker. 

With the current pandemic, customer service workers have definitely become heroes. Misty Adams is a wonderful example of a hero at this point in time. Not only is she working hard to help others, but she does it while immunocompromised. No matter how anxious the thought of catching COVID-19 makes her, she pushes through and does what she can to help.⸻