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Happiness in surgery

Mar. 30,2020


By: Destiny Adams 

Aspiring Journalist 

JONESBORO, Ark.-While during the coronavirus and tornado most people are ready to get back to shopping or hanging out with friends, one woman is just ready to get back to helping people.

Bethany Newby is a 19-year-old woman who finds joy in doing surgeries. She is currently in ASU Newport’s Surgical Technician program doing her clinicals at local hospitals. During her clinicals she assists doctors during surgery by handing them all the proper tools, keeping things clean and sterile, and setting up before and cleaning up after the surgery. This will also be her job once she graduates from the program, and she loves every second of it. 

Bethany decided to go into the medical field after watching her grandpa go through many different medical treatments for his pneumonia, and cancer. “I decided I wanted to be a part of that field to help sick people get better and move on with their lives.” She said .When it comes to performing surgeries, she always gets excited and is always very happy afterwards. 

As of today, she’s never lost a patient, but she has had some pretty stressful experiences. Her favorite surgery she’s done so far, was actually a heart surgery that she found very stressful. She was able to hold a heart in her hands, then watched as the doctor put it back in the body, and got it to start beating again. While that was her favorite surgery performed to date, she still plans to go into GYN work, because she wants to help cancer patients like her grandpa was. When she’s able to help remove the cancer from a patient’s body, and insure that they get to live longer healthier lives, she’s beyond happy.

Newby has had a passion for surgeries since she was young. She’s always wanted a career in which she could help people, and the career she’s chosen has made her extremely happy no matter the stress levels. Even through everything happening with the coronavirus, and the tornado, all she wants is to get back to clinicals and help more people. Just the thought of graduating and doing this for the rest of her life makes her very happy.