Media’s effect on the older generation

April 17, 2020 


By: Destiny Adams 

Aspiring Journalist 

JONESBORO, Ark.– Media has always been around in some form or another. But with the world of media changing and evolving so quickly, it leads to the question of how is the older generation handling it. 

Martha Jean Baker is a 65-year-old retierie. Before retirement, she worked at Thomas & Betts in her home town of Jonesboro, where she helped put together electrical products. As a child her first experience with the media was the radio. As she grew she experienced many things through the different forms of media, such as the Kennedy assasination, 9/11, Vietnam, and the COVID-19 outbreak now. 

Since her earlier experiences with media Ms. Baker has greatly broadened the forms of media she uses in a day. On an average day, Martha will use media such as social media platforms, for example Facebook, her cellphone, the radio, and magazines. Her favorite form of media to use however is television. Martha uses television to get the majority of her news. For local news, she will watch “KAIT-TV,” while for national news she will use “Good Morning America,” “CNN,” and “ABC News.” 

In this new age of media, Baker has found that it is so much easier to get informed on things happening in the world, and things happening with her family in other cities or states. “ The media keeps me frequently informed on major issues such as the current virus and helps me feel safer.” Said Martha when telling about how the media has helped improve her life. 

While the media has helped Baker to stay connected and informed, it’s not all easy and good for her. “ I can’t keep up as easily as the kids can, it sometimes makes me feel a bit left out.” She said. “But a life without it at this point would be too inconvenient. Especially at a time like this where I need it to stay in contact with my family.” 

With the current state of the world, the media is useful for everyone. Including the older generation who may have some trouble keeping up, still find it just as useful.